Rank and Title

While each Tradition has their own system (sometimes more than one) of rank and title, the Traditions as a whole share a relatively coherent system of rank. It is as follows:

1st Dot: Initiate or Novice
2nd Dot: Apprentice or Initiate
3rd Dot: Disciple
4th Dot: Adept
5th Dot: Master
6th Dot and Beyond: Archmage

This is used both in reference to a specific sphere, such as a Disciple of Correspondence, and references a Mage based on their highest Sphere level, such as a Master.

There is a bit of regional variation in the titling of the first 2 levels, sort of how asking for a tea in different parts of the country might get you sweet or unsweet tea, or asking for a coke might get you a coke or "What kind?" In the Pacific Northwest, Initiate and Apprentice are more commonly used for the first two levels, though Novice and Initiate aren't unheard of.

Rank and Title

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