Amanda Paulson

The Chakravanti


Amanda is a tall black woman in her late twenties, standing 5’8". She is thin and attractive by most standards, her features accentuated by makeup and by outfits that tend more toward stylish than practical, if one must choose. Typically she has short, dark, straightened hair and hazel-colored eyes, though both can change if need be.


Amanda Paulson is a Chakravanti, a Turner of the Wheel. She is a known Disciple of Entropy and Apprentice of Correspondence and Mind, and like many Chakravanti eschews Forces. She has at least sensory capabilities of Spirit.

Amanda met Gabriel Kyle when they both investigated a house in Capitol Hill linked to several disappearances. Together they found the house was alive, and it was going to eat Avery Blackwell. Amanda and Gabriel managed to wound it before Avery negotiated his release in exchange for not burning the house (they would burn it anyway).

When the trio met to discuss the incident, they were attacked by a shit monster at Pike Place Market. Amanda was the only one to escape the encounter unscathed.

When she’s not fighting supernatural threats, Amanda is a local singer and performer.

Amanda Paulson

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