Emeralds by Night

Shit Gets Real

Amanda, Avery, and Gabriel agree to meet over lunch to discuss what to do with the house. Prior to their meeting, Avery traces the lines of the past to discover the origins of the house: it is its own thing. No one "made" the house live, the way Avery can summon consciousness to the objects in his own home. There is no curse or spell. This sort of awakening seems to be a thing that happens, much in the same way vampires happen, though Avery doesn't know why this house and not any other.

The three meet by Jack's Fish Spot at Pike Place Market. During the discussion, Avery gets up to head to the bathroom and hears ominous groans and smells terrible smells. When the stall at the end explodes, exposing an actual shit monster, he runs back to his party but fails to give them a coherent explanation before the shit monster shit-shimmies out of the crapper.

Gabriel, an old hand at shit monsters, immediately begins throwing grenades to create an anti-magick field. Amanda can't attack it as directly as he can, but she can make its matter fall apart; Avery focuses on trying to strengthen the Gauntlet to keep it contained.

The shit monster shit blasts Gabriel for his troubles, splattering some on Avery; Amanda, who really didn't want to get shit hit, throws herself to the side. All around them pedestrians shrieked and fled, or were knocked unconscious under an ambush of shit. The shit monster created a shit storm, sending parts of itself into the air and letting them rain down on the crowd, including Avery and Gabriel.

Finally, Gabriel's anti-magick killed the power animating it, turning it into nothing more remarkable than a large pile of shit. Fearing the Technocracy come to clean up the mess, Amanda and Avery fled, getting out with some not-coincidental luck. Gabriel chose to remain behind, getting cleaned up by the Technocrats who spun a story of a gas leak and mass hallucination, though the effect didn't take hold on Gabriel.


Gabriel Kyle, ghostbuster, expected the house by the Ben Lomond to be like any other haunted house. He'd been hired by an old man, Freddie Richard, whose niece and her husband had disappeared after viewing the old Capitol Hill establishment. The house had a quiet reputation among those who had lived in the city long enough.

He arrived during the witching hour, attempting to break in (the house unlocked itself for him) and was promptly discovered by Amanda Paulson, herself investigating rumors of disappearances at the house. After she attempted to intimidate him into leaving, he determined they must both be mages and asked if she was a Euthanatos. The two agreed to search the house together.

They went upstairs, Kyle repeatedly detecting a faint sort of magick, before following into the main bedroom of the house's second and highest level. There they found an entranced Avery Blackwell, attempting to climb a ladder into a third floor too large to fit in the house from the perspective of outside the house. Gabriel realizes this is not a haunted house but a living house.

Amanda held him back, but he tried to shake her off. From his perspective, after passing by the house earlier that day, he felt an overwhelming urge to check the place out that night. Even after the house dropped a tongue down the ladder he continued to try to make his way up.

Gabriel and Amanda both attacked the tongue, causing it to grab hold of Avery's ankle and slam him against the floor and furniture. Part of it's tongue sloughed off under Amanda's decay attack onto Avery. Finally snapped out of his trance, he ultimately reasons with the house as the other two Mages discuss arson as the solution to their problems, Avery convinces the house he's its only chance to avoid being burned. The house releases him and communicates with the Dreamspeaker.

Ultimately they agree to allow it to stand, but that it may only eat neighborhood cats, not humans. Amanda places a fear ward around the house to prevent humans from entering, and they agree to meet the following morning to discuss what to do.



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